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dormakaba has in excess of 150 years of history with security solutions and is proud to be built on safe lock brands such as Kaba, Mas Hamilton, Mauer and La Gard.

The Mauer range of mechanical locks and the Kaba Mas self-powered Cencon and Auditcon safe locks provide unrivalled features and benefits for end users.

 The Axessor series which includes Axessor USB, Axessor IP and Axessor CIT provides a solution for every application. They include features such as programming via the LAN, One-time combination or ICS mode, Time delays, extensive audits, multi – lock connectivity with unparalleled reliability. Ultimate security is offered through the

The Paxos safe lock which is renowned as the world’s most reliable electronic safe lock.

The La Gard brand products range from mechanical to electronic safe locks delivering unmatched quality and value, including combination & key locks, and electronic multiple control locks for use on safes with coffers/internal cabinets.

The total flexibility of the dormakaba range of secure solution safe locks ensures that our portfolio covers almost all government, banking, retail, business, transit, and personal securing applications with high security locks, electronic locks and mechanical locks, ensuring optimal protection of goods, valuables, information or hazardous substances against unauthorised access.

dormakaba UK & Ireland’s safe lock solutions include:

  • Mechanical safe locks
    • Combination locks
  • Dial & ring combination safe locks
  • Electronic Combination safe locks
    • Networked
    • One Time Code
    • Stand alone
    • Multi – lock connectivity
  • Other safe components and accessories including boltwork, hinges, door furniture

And are used for the following applications:

  • High security vaults and vault doors
  • ATMs and ATM bunkers
  • Safe cabinets
  • Safe deposit lockers
  • Pharmaceutical drug safes
  • Security cabinets
  • Server cabinets

Our customers have a growing demand for solutions that can be integrated into their existing operations and procedures. That is why banks, retail chains and many other commercial end users all over the world are building on dormakaba’s modular solutions:

  • Our networked locks can help our customers enhance their security. Online monitoring is a powerful tool reducing human interaction related to security risks such as unlocked safe doors.
  • Central lock administration provides instant access control and audits.
  • Flexible programming and automation interfaces improve the efficiency of customer processes. 

dormakaba UK & Ireland is a member of the dormakaba Group and offers and expanded, comprehensive portfolios of services and solutions within security and access for rooms and buildings within a wide range of markets, providing door hardware, entrance systems, electronic access and data, mechanical key systems, lodging systems, interior glass solutions and industrial doors.

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