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Gunnebo UK
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Gunnebo is a global provider of security solutions with a core offering that focusses on four business units: Safe Storage, Cash Management, Entrance Control and Other Businesses. As a business unit of Gunnebo, the mission of Safe Storage is to protect valued items from burglary, fire and explosion, as well as securing regulatory compliance to provide peace of mind at home, in transit and at work.

A wide selection of specialist safe storage products is available under the Gunnebo brand, as well as under the internationally renowned brands Chubbsafes, Hamilton and Steelage. These range from modular strong rooms and vault doors through to fireproof filing cabinets and safes.

The Gunnebo range of products also includes classical mechanical and fully automated safe deposit lockers, marketed as SafeStore Auto and the world’s only ECB-S certified electronic locking system for distributed systems, known to the market as KelNet-DS.

Furthermore, Gunnebo’s product range also includes high security server cabinets, marketed under SecureIT, that protect sensitive IT equipment not only against intrusion, manipulation and wilful damage, but also from tempest intelligence gathering and aggressive high energy electromagnetic pulse attacks.

Gunnebo is a pioneer of new safe storage technology and strives to be the number one protector of valuables through industry-leading innovation. We pride ourselves on the high level of certification achieved by our products and the seriousness with which we address the issues posed by certification around the world. Learn more about Gunnebo and our safe storage solutions on