Introducing the UK’s First British-Manufactured Grade 6 Safe, Certified by LPCB

Associated Security Solutions is thrilled to announce the launch of our ground-breaking achievement: the first-ever UK-manufactured grade 6 safe that has undergone rigorous testing by BRE and received certification from LPCB. We take immense pride in this accomplishment, as it signifies a new era in commercial security.

Our UK-manufactured Associated Grade 6 safes are designed to meet large-scale businesses’ demanding security requirements. This exceptional safe range comes equipped with dual key locking and adjustable shelving as standard features, ensuring optimal convenience and flexibility for your security needs.

Built to surpass European safe testing standards, our Eurograde 6 safes comply with the stringent criteria outlined in LPS 1183 Issue 4. Moreover, they meet the esteemed European standards for safes, as set by EN 1143-1:2015. This guarantees that our safes have been thoroughly tested and proven to offer top-tier protection against burglary attempts.

Not only do our safes safeguard cash, documents, and valuables from theft, but they are also designed to provide resistance against both mechanical and electrical tools commonly used by criminals. Furthermore, they offer superior defence against fire and smoke damage, providing you with comprehensive security measures in a single solution.

Our Eurograde 6 safes boast an array of cutting-edge security features that set them apart from the competition. With multi-point locking systems, reinforced doors, and anti-drill plates, these safes deliver an unmatched level of protection. Tamper-proof hinges and concealed internal fixings further enhance their security, making them a truly impenetrable fortress for your valuable assets. Rest assured, when you choose our Eurograde 6 safes, you are selecting one of the most secure options available on the market today.

Key Features of Our Grade 6 Safe:

  • Eight sizes are available as standard, offering a versatile range to suit your specific requirements.
  • The dual key locking system is supplied as a standard feature, ensuring an added layer of security.
  • Upgrade electronic or biometric locking options are available, providing advanced access control.
  • Fire tested to provide an impressive 60 minutes of protection, guaranteeing the safety of your valuables even in the face of extreme heat.
  • Fitted with adjustable shelves, allowing for customised organisation and efficient use of space.
  • Optional extras are available further to enhance the functionality and customisation of your safe. 
  • Certification: LPCB
  • Our grade 6 safe has earned the prestigious LPCB certification, reinforcing its credibility and reliability. This certification is a testament to the meticulous testing procedures and the superior quality of our safes. Rest assured that when you choose our Associated Grade 6 safe, you are investing in a product that has undergone rigorous scrutiny and meets the highest industry standards.
  • Experience the pinnacle of security with our British-manufactured grade 6 safe, a game-changer in commercial security solutions. Trust Associated Security Solutions to protect your assets with innovation, quality, and unrivalled expertise. Contact us today to explore our range of grade 6 safes and discover the perfect solution for your security needs.



21 August 2023


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