Vote to rename secure safe cabinets

CEN/TC 263 have renamed the products of EN 14450 to allow for clearer differentiation

On 4 June 2021 CEN/TC 263 initiated a vote to rename the products of EN 14450 from “secure safe cabinets” to “secure cabinets” to allow a clearer differentiation from “real” safes of EN 1143-1.

Voting is open until 5 August 2021. To speed up the process, the change shall be integrated as an “amendment” to the standard (“EN 14450:2017+A1:2022”). This amendment vote can be initiated only a short period after this “Work Item Vote” has been finalised.

In the German version of the Standard the wording is already “secure cabinet” (“Sicherheitsschrank”). For the French version it is a little different, currently the French version is named “home safes” (“coffres domestique”), which may result in a change of the French version in addition.



8 July 2021


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