In memoriam of Walter Kling


We are sorry to hear of Walter Klings death on 2 November 2020 and want to express our deepest sympathy on behalf of the Burglary Resistance Working Group (CEN/TC/263/WG1).

Since 1998 he actively helped to evolve the European Standards in our Working Group. Without him our European standards would not be widely accepted outside of Europe as they are now. He regularly contributed to drive forward the ATM safe specifications and promoted them in Europe and around the globe.

He will not only be remembered for his technical input and his willingness to prepare different tasks, but also for his friendly attitude outside of the meetings. During evening dinners, he was always a pleasant companion.

Walter died at the age of 59. We are sorry to lose such a committed and kind WG1 member and friend and send our sympathies to Walters family. Walter Kling will always be remembered.



26 November 2020


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